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  • What is AtoANI Product Subscription Program?
    AtoANI Product Subscription Program is a service offered by AtoANI to its loyal customers wherein they can receive their subscribed products on a regular basis based on their identified delivery frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.). On top of providing free delivery for this service, customers who are subscribed to the Program also get to avail of a 10% discount on all its subscribed products on every delivery. Hence, you can avail of this discount as long as you are subscribed to this program.
  • Can I subscribe products currently not in AtoANI's Product List to the Product Subscription Program?
    Yes you can subscribe food products and fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs) that are not in AtoANI's existing Product List. However, delivery of these products is not guaranteed. AtoANI will indicate in its confirmation e-mail which of the non-AtoANI products you listed it can provide through the subscription program. You can indicate this special product requests in the AtoANI Product Subscription Program Form. A special section is alloted for this type of requests.
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