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Taking Part in a Plastic Reduction Innovation Competition

For over a period of over six (6) weeks, AtoANI BioPack undertook a combination of Online Design Sprint and Weekend Immersion to help tackle the country's plastic waste problem. This part of the MakeSense Philippines "Plastic SmartCities Competition Innovation Competition" in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and xchange. After a culminating virtual pitch, AtoANI emerged as one of the Top 5 laureates to be part of the 2020 MakeSense Academy Incubation Program from among the other applications received nationwide. Link to the competition  details:

Graphic taken from MakeSense Website: Plastic SmartCities Innovation Competition

The Design Sprint and the Weekend Immersion helped AtoANI BioPack validate the market in terms of the product's viability with 93.75% of the respondents willing to buy the biodegradable packaging made from Sugarcane Bagasse and use it for packaging of dry goods (e.g. coffee, tea, grains), dry personal care products (e.g. soap), and fruit and vegetables. In addition, the mentorship from MakeSense and WWF helped a lot in preparing the team for the culminating virtual pitch of the "Plastic SmartCities Innovation Competition" last March 24, 2020. The pitch determined the Top 5 laureates which will be part of the MakeSense Academy Incubation Program that will start in May 2020.

Photo Taken from MakeSense Facebook: Immersion Weekend

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